I am an artist based in my home town of Nairn on the North East coast of Scotland, I work in a variety of mediums and produce figurative, abstract and text based work.

The integration of various digital media into a fairly traditional painting practice has enabled me to drive my practice in a variety of directions simultaneously whilst still retaining a sense of authorship. I show and sell my work through a number of commercial galleries mainly in Scotland but occasionally in London and Europe.

I am currently a part time lecturer on a BA Hons Fine Art Degree course where I have taught on all levels since 2002.

Some of the work on this site is available to buy directly and is denoted AV, works denoted Sold or NFS have been sold or otherwise but may still be available as a limited artist editioned high quality digital print at your request.

If you wish information on the price, dimensions etc of any work please email me at the following address.